PMWH is well known as a maternity hospital, but it also has been recognized as one of the important hospital for newborn health care and promotion. Department of neonatology of this hospital not only deals with management and treatment of newborn but also has been conducting various trainings and academic activities to produce trained human resources.


Department of neonatology:

We are running our NICU and SCBU as a separate ward only for inborn babies. We are running 10 bedded NICU, 30 bedded SCBU including Kangaroo Mother Care. Currently we are operating NICU with 4 Ventilators, 5 CPAP machine, 2 incubators, 8 radiant warmer with bedside Vitals monitors in each bed. Unit has ABG machine, portable X-ray machine, portable USG machine, phototherapy machines and Echocardiography.


Department of neonatology consist of Head of Department (Chief consultant), 2 Consultant, 2 Registrar, 2 Senior House officer and 6 Medical officers and 2 pediatric residents (NAMS), 1 Nursing In charge & 10 nursing staffs in NICU and 5 in SCBU, 10 Nurse Aids & attendants & 5 cleaning staffs. 


Services available:

1. Indoor Services for inborn newborns

2. Daily OPD services

3. Vaccination services

4. Outreach Clinic at Bhaisepati

5. Echocardiography & Fetal Echocardiography

6. ROP Screening



  1. Comprehensive newborn care training for Level II nurses has been completed upto 9th batch.
  2. 2 batches received helping baby breath training in collaboration with NHTC.
  3. 2 doctors from neonatal unit has received training for neonatal USG from Dhulikhel hospital.
  4. On site coaching for basic newborn care was provided by 2 nurses from USA to NICU and SCBU nurses and health aids.



  1. Able to run NICU and SCBU as a separate ward with separate set of nurses.
  2. Proper space required to run 10 bedded NICU has been allocated.
  3. Sufficient space to run 30 bedded SCBU including KMC.
  4. Availability of ventilators supporting low birth weight babies weighing <1000 grams.
  5. Improvement in infection prevention management.
  6. Proper transport system for the babies from the delivery site to neonatal unit.
  7. Echocardiography twice a week.
  8. ROP screening once a week.