Paropakar Maternity & Women's Hospital, Thapathali , Kathmandu is providing entire Reproductive  Health services to the patients with reasonable cost. According to government policy & planning some treatment are free likewise delivery cases, pelvic organ prolapse, GBV, OCMC, CAC, NICU, poor patient, cancer etc. But patients should  provide some documents as per the guideline for the free treatment. For the free delivery and prolapse cases hospital provide  Rs 2,800.00 and Rs 1,000.00 for transportation respectively to the patients as on incentive.

New registration and follow-up charge for the patient in OPD service is Rs 55/00 and Rs 20/00 respectively. The cash counter of the hospital is open for 24 hours. Those patient who wants to book in paying bed they have to pay for investigations USG, ECG, operation, delivery,  bed charge and hospital will not provide the incentive. The emergency ticket charge is Rs 50/00. This hospital is providing Extended Health Service (EHS) to the patients with consultant doctors very effectively since 2072. The EHS starts after 3 o'clock every day. The EHS consultation charge is RS 450/00. EHS (Paying Service) is available for major, intermediate and minor operation.