Instituitional  Review Committee (IRC) of Paropakar Matenity and Women’s Hospial, Thapahtali.

IRC team



Instituitonal Review Committee (IRC)  of Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital was established with the objective of promoting the health related researches in the instituite following the guidelines of the Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC). It is usually an independent, autonomous and multidisciplinary in nature.


·         To safeguard the dignity, rights, safety and well being of all actual or potential research participants.

·         Full review and evaluation of all ethical aspects of health related research proposals

·         Monitoring and supervision of the research projects that are approved by the IRC.

The guidelines followed by our IRC is the Guidelines for “Instituitional Review Committee s(IRCs) for the Health Research in Nepal”   by Nepal health Research Council (NHRC) 2016. And it has its own SOP (standard Operating procedure which had been approved by the hospital director).

The present IRC executive team of Paropakar Maternity and Women’ Hospital was formed in July 2016 with the following members by the hospital Director.

1.      Dr. Karishma Malla Vaidhya (Chairperson)

2.      Dr. Ritu Pradhan (Member Secretary)

3.      Dr. Madhu Tumbahangphe (Member)

4.      Dr. Indira Upadhyaya          (Member)

5.      Dr. Simmi Gurbacharya      (member)

6.      Sister Nani Maiya Kaway           (Member)

7.      Mr. Chandra Bahadur Gurung  (Member)

8.      Mr. Safiur Rahman (Non Instituitional Member)


Past Chairpersons of our IRC

      2008: Prof Ashok Joshi

      2010-12: Prof Gehanath Baral

      2012-14: Prof. Puspha Chaudhary

      2014-16: Prof. Rashmi Yadav


The Approval Procedure

      The director being head of the hospital all the application firms for the research has to submit at director’s office. The director forwards this application to Research unit

      Research unit consists of deputy director, administrator and account section of the hospital.       

 Research unit forwards application and proposal to research committee (which would be recognized as Institutional Review Committee by Nepal Health Research Council).                                                                      

      The application form along with the proposal is received by IRC.

      IRC reviews proposal and takes approval from concerned department of the hospital where research will be carried out.

      Concerned department or supervisor has to give consent for the research.

      As it is the policy of hospital for external researcher it is mandatory to include hospital  staff in the research as a supervisor and pay certain amount of money to the hospital.

      Ethical clearance will be taken from Ethical committee.

      Complete reviewing of the proposal from IRC may take up to 15 days to one month depending on the type of research.

      Once approved from research committee an approval letter is forwarded to account section and administration of the hospital.

      The researcher can conduct/carry out his/her research/data collection/thesis in the concerned department only after getting the approval letter from IRC.

      Research involving animal and multicenter study should have approval from NHRC.


      All the research proposals submitted from outside this institute should pay the processing fee after the approval as per rule and regulations of IRC.

      All the researcher need to get approval from IRC before starting research in our institution.




Ø   The health research proposal associated with the instituitional, government, non government and private institutions are being submitted to the IRC.


The Instituitional Review Committee (IRC) of this hospital have been again  approved  by Nepal health research council (NHRC) on 11th may 2017. The present executive committee is very much thankful for the hospital authority for the continuous support and guidance to make this possible. We are very much thankful to the NHRC also for supporting and guiding us.